Scholarship Application
By July 2021, will you have graduated from HS in one of the eligible counties? (See Scholarship Requirements page)?
Will you be attending an HBCU this fall as a Freshman in college?
Has anyone in your immediate family attended an HBCU?

Letter of Recommendation

Has this letter of recommendation been signed by the recommender?

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All document uploads must follow the filename structure below. You may see an example in the upload box before adding a file to be uploaded. If your upload documents do not file this structure, your application will be rejected!

  • Letter of Recommendation: LastName_FirstName_LOR.pdf

  • Transcript: LastName_FirstName_Transcript.pdf

  • Resume: LastName_FirstName_Resume.pdf

  • Headshot: LastName_FirstName_Headshot.jpg* (Extensions may also be .jpeg or .png)

  • Application Essay: LastName_FirstName_Essay_EssayNumber.pdf

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Thank you for submitting your application!

The application deadline has passed. Please check back in the Fall to view the recipient announcement!